Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mini Meltdowns

So fellow crafters & sellers, do you ever have one of those meltdown moments? You know where all of a sudden you just freak out, cry and feel like it's the end of the world? (Please tell me I am not alone). I just had one of those this morning. The day actually started out fine, then I sat down to have my morning cup of coffee with my husband (after the kids go off to school we do this as our morning chat). Conversation went from one subject to another - and somehow we got on the topic of my business. I started asking questions about how to hire the right employee and when the right time is. I have tried this in the past, hired family members (no offense family but this didn't really work :) ), hired friends (didn't work), even took on a business partner (didn't work). Right now I have family members that do help out when and where they can (hubby- web design, Mom- markets, and things like labeling, packaging etc), but I am getting closer to that point where I will need to bring in someone on a consistent basis. The problem for me has always been the employees just don't have as much passion about the business as you do and for me it is hard to let go of any control. When it comes to production it is just easier for me to do it, then to explain how to to someone else- but then when you move them to the more mundane tasks such as wicking, labeling, packing and shipping (necessary but boring tasks) they grow bored.

So anyways we were talking about that subject, which then led to a discussion of reorganizing my studio (the thought being that if I make more effective use of my space and time I may not need to hire additional help quite so soon), which led to hubby reprimanding me for not keeping my books straight (even though I have a seperate business account, lately I have dipped into our personal funds to purchase additional stock for shows etc, I then take the money I make from shows and put half back into business account and the other half back in personal)- and for whatever reason I just snapped. You know? One of those ugly moments where you just lose it.

In that instant the thought popped into my head that I would always be doing this alone - and for whatever reason that utterly terrified me. It shouldn't, because this is what I love, who cares if I remain a one woman show or grow to a production facility one day, as long as I am doing what I love, right?

But it does matter. To me anyways. Deep down, in that split second moment, my true feelings and fears were revealed to me. I don't want to always be alone, I want to have help. But in order for that to happen I am going to have to be willing to make changes and concessions on my end.

For starters:
-I need to re-read my copy of the E-Myth Revisited (Highly, highly recommend this book for any small business owner)
-I need to re-read my business plan, modify if necessary and apply
-I need to get better organized!
-I need to start taking copious notes and maybe even pictures now so that when I do hire someone I have a "manual" that I can share with them
-I need to have a detailed job description written for the position before I hire for it (I am guilty of not doing this in the past, I would just hire "help" and then get frustrated when I didn't feel they were doing the job I hired them for (ummm...yeah...this one was my fault)
-I need to learn to say no (to tasks, or projects that are a time suck for me)
-I need to learn to say yes. I can not do everything by myself, I am not super woman, so whether it be help around the house, or in the studio, whatever I need to ask for help and be willing to receive it when offered.

So anyways, I'm feeling better now, and while it was awful when it happened, I think I needed my mini meltdown to get me back on track!

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  1. It's hard to give up control of your 'baby'! But you already said it - detailed job description and a clear expectation of what is required in the job goes a long way. People need to feel appreciated . If staff are appreciated and feel like they are worth something they will feel more committed to their job and have a vested interest.
    I just made my first order this wknd and can't wait to try our products!