Monday, November 2, 2009

Busy week ahead ..

We have a busy schedule this week, Wednesday we have the farmers market from 11-2. Thursday & Friday we will be set up a Holiday Home Show at one our lovely clients homes and on Saturday we have our Knoxville Creative Hands Etsy Street Team Holiday Market at West Town Mall from 10am-9pm.

And I am actually feeling a bit nervous! Especially about the show at the mall. While I have been participating in craft fairs & markets since May, this will be my first indoor show in this type of environment - and it's long for one day (almost 12 hours). I've been busy the last week or so making tons of stock and plan on spending today, tomorrow and Wednesday evening making even more. But I still can not help wondering do I have enough (currently about 200 candles, 200 bars of soap, 50 body cremes and 50 roll on perfumes). The set-up will be a bit smaller than I am used to (I think we are all alotted a 6-8ft table), I will be bringing an additional small table incase I have room to set that up too, if not then I am kind of at a loss for how I will get everything to fit on one table (even with shelves it will be hard!).

I am really excited and thrilled to be particpating in this show- it is limited to Etsy shop owners and I believe there will be about 40 of us (I will say this is one advantage that I will miss out on if I ever fully close my Etsy shop- being able to particpate in Knoxville Etsy Street Team events).

I am curious as to what the turn out and reception will be like? At the markets and shows I normally work people are there to shop crafts/arts/natural items, but in a mall setting - with all the fancy stores and colorful signs and bright lights, will the average mall shopper have an appeciation for handmade goods? I hope so!

Shipping schedule for this week:
Orders that came in late last week and over the weekend will ship today & tomorrow, any that come in today and tomorrow we will try to get out by Wednesday and Thursday. We will not be doing any shipping Friday November 6th or Saturday November 7th. So Orders that come in after Wednesday this week will not be processed and shipped until Monday November 9th.

Wednesday thru Saturday I will have limited access to email/internet on these days, so it may be later in the evening before you get a response.

Just wanted to keep everyone posted so you guys wouldn't think I was MIA this week :)

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