Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Mail & More

Greetings everyone! 11 days to Christmas and counting! I don't know about you but I am rushing around trying to get my Christmas shopping done (I just started). With that being said, I know the holidays can be a stressful time and the last thing you want to worry about is late deliveries, missing deliveries etc.

So I want to take a moment and share some information (both specific to Southern Alchemy orders and in general concerning USPS) - I will continue to answer convos and emails as well but since I will not be online as much this week I wanted to answer some general questions here :)

-The last of our holiday orders are shipping tomorrow (12/15)

-Unless prior arrangements were made we ship all domestic (US orders) via Priority Mail or in some cases where maybe a small item like 1 soap or salve was ordered then we will ship First Class. Neither of these options have guaranteed delivery times but in *most* cases Priority takes 2-3 days and First Class 2-7. We use Paypal's Mass shipping program and usually you will receive a email from Paypal with your shipping info. Please keep in mind that USPS does not really offer true tracking- it is more like delivery conformation- so many times you will not be able to see real time tracking and during the holidays the postal service tends to not scan the package until it reaches it's destination.

-If however it has been 1 week ( 7 days) since you received shipping notification and you still have not recived your order please let us know and we will gladly look into it.

***We want you to rest assured in knowing that we never hold customers responsible for lost packages- we know mistakes can happen in the mail and we take full responsibility for any lost/damaged packages either in the form of: sending a new package, offering a refund or store credit. ***

-International orders: ship either USPS Priority or First Class depending on the size of order - in most cases even if we only charged you the First Class shipping rates we upgraded you to Priority to try and make sure that all orders would be received before Christmas. Please keep in mind that unless you purchase registered mail or Express Mail USPS does not offer true tracking on international orders (verified this in person with my postal clerk)- sometimes the number on the customs form may be used - but this does not always work. Typically USPS quotes 6-10 days delivery for International Orders however that is tranist time frame and does not include any possible delays in customs. In reality International orders can take anywhere from 6 days-6 weeks - you just never know! If however, after a reasonable amount of time you have not received your order , please let us know.

Please remember that I am human, and bound to make mistakes sometimes (and with the amount of orders we have shipped the last month I am sure I have made some). But rest assured we always stand by our customers and fix whatever mistakes may have been made, so if you have any questions or concerns with your order please do not hesitate to contact me.

After we finish the rest of our holiday shipping tomorrow I have some projects I have to help out with at my kid's school , then we have our last 2 shows this weekend beginning on Friday (one is a 1 day show and the other is a 3 day show) , so even though our shop is in vacation mode , it will still be a busy week for us! I will not be in front of my pc as much this week but I will try my best to answer any emails/convos within 24 hours.

Happy Holidays!!!

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